Competitive Advantages - UNIFORCE Staffing Solutions Why choose UNIFORCE Staffing Solutions as your staffing firm?

The answers are simple: Service Quality and Value-added Service.

We believe that High Quality Staffing Solutions and Customer Service are UNIFORCE competitive advantages and key ingredients to the foundation of our success. At UNIFORCE, our goal is to fully understand your company's needs, service you with high-quality talent, and then be available to you to support your post-placement evaluation.

(1) The UNIFORCE Recruitment Process - High Quality Staffing
  1. In-depth needs analysis of the client:
    a) Investigation of the corporate environment/culture
    b) On-site client visit.
    c) Clearly defined analysis of the employee job requirements.
  2. Recruitment
    a) Sourcing from a national UNIFORCE database
    b) UNIFORCE Targeted Recruiting Marketing Plan - We have a targeted marketing plan in place for every skill set required to meet your employee requirements. We distribute our recruitment efforts through channels such as:
    Employee Referrals
    Strategic Partnerships
    University & Technical Schools Recruitment
    Direct Marketing
    Networking Organizations
    Trade Groups
  3. In-person Interviews
  4. Skills Testing
  5. Reference Checking
  6. Candidate Submission
    Full submission with employee background & salary requirements
    UNIFORCE stamp of approval
  7. Offer extension.
(2) Customer Service
  UNIFORCE updates our clients daily or weekly, depending on the client's request, with status reports on our company's recruitment efforts. We will also be there to answer any questions for you about our UNIFORCE employees or candidates during the recruitment process and after the employee start date. UNIFORCE constantly trains our supplemental staffers and contract consultants. We also offer our employees free online software training via Kenexa E-learning.