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In times of financial growth or contraction, companies still recognize and value the need for skilled financial professionals who can steer through different business climates. UNIFORCE Financial Staffing Solutions provides qualified financial analysts from diverse backgrounds. Whether your company needs resources to better analyze bottom-line expenses, forecast growth or market changes, or evaluate and manage its operating financial performance, UNIFORCE proactively recruits and sources the talent to drive those objectives.

UNIFORCE is a financial staffing firm that eases staffing stresses by helping locate employees for fluctuating workloads due to fiscal cycles, the added burdens of SOX compliance, new regulations and updated technology.

How does UNIFORCE Financial Staffing Solutions acomplish this task? By proactively searching for experienced accounting and finance professionals needed at every skill level from our national database. Companies get an immediate response to finance job requirements with experienced, pre-screened, qualified financial professionals. The people you need to get the job done are sent on time, within budget and ready to perform.

UNIFORCE specializes in the recruiting and placement of professionals in search of a finance job with the following disciplines:

 Financial Analysts
 Treasury Analysts
 Risk Analysts
 Staff Accountants
 Cost Accountants
 Directors of Finance
 Tax Analysts
 Derivatives Analysts

Quality over Quantity.
Since UNIFORCE's financial staffing managers have specific skilled backgrounds in finance, we can custom match candidates exactly to our client's staffing needs. The shortage of financial talent is compounding as the number of accounting and finance graduates decreases. Call today and let us help you solve staffing challenges before your productivity is disrupted. UNIFORCE can offer a flexible staffing solution through its Temporary Staffing, Temp-to-Hire, or Direct Hire staffing services.

Career Benefits
Working with UNIFORCE Financial Staffing Solutions provides candidates with many finance jobs and career choices. By meeting with our professional recruiters and consultants to assist you with your pursuit of a full-time opportunity, UNIFORCE can individually customize our direct hire search for you based on your career objectives and background. If you prefer to work for only a specific period time, UNIFORCE can also employ you as one of our consultants to work a finance job at one of our client's locations. UNIFORCE specializes in finance jobs with companies located in New Jersey (NJ), New York (NY), and Florida (FL).