Third-party payroll solutions to circumvent headcount freezes - UNIFORCE Staffing Solutions
Utilize third-party payroll as a way around company headcount freezes
The current challenging economic environment has forced many companies to re-evaluate its recruiting and staffing strategy while implementing a temporary freeze on hiring. While this may be a prudent cost savings short term solution, companies still experience a reduction in productivity during a hiring freeze.
By partnering with UNIFORCE's third-party payroll solutions, a company can still recruit workers to perform mandatory work assignments and utilize them on site while maintaining productivity and project deadlines. Since UNIFORCE becomes the legal employer of record and now employs the workers as its W-2 employees, companies circumvent headcount quotas and never officially hire any employees. Our payroll services are often classified by clients as a consulting or payroll engagement. The worker performing onsite is never officially or legally a company employee.
Third Party Payroll Solutions enable a company to staff as needed-when needed without adding employees to its payroll. A company can on board as many employees that it has sourced and put them on our payroll. Third Party Payroll Solutions also allow a company to bring back the skills of experienced former employees or retirees and utilize the services of consultants or special technicians.

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