Human Resources Division - UNIFORCE Staffing Solutions

Our main goal is to assist you, the Human Resource professional with short, long-term and full-time qualified HR experts. UNIFORCE Human Resources employees are available for special situations such as staffing surges, benefits conversions, EEO reporting, plan development, and disability and FLMA leaves.

Our seasoned human resource professional will partner with your company to help define your needs, source the proper candidate, interview and extend the offer. We work to understand your corporate culture, your organization and its goals and mission.

UNIFORCE can perform Direct Hire searches on both a retained and contingency basis. Additionally, our supply of contract professionals provides your company flexibility in managing its business needs. All contract professionals are employees of UNIFORCE, so our clients are in compliance with IRS regulations. UNIFORCE payrolls and provides all mandatory insurance plus other benefits to our consultants and temporary staff.

UNIFORCE specializes in the recruiting and placement of Human Resource Professionals with the following disciplines:
 Training / OD
 HRIS / Payroll
 HR Start UP
 Labor Relations
 Corporate Communications
 Employee Relations: EEOC and Legal

Value-added Service
We work to find the most qualified candidates as quickly as possible.
 Search for the candidate.
 Qualify the candidate using competency based interview techniques.
 Market your company and advantages of working for you.
 Determine who you would like to meet.
 Arrange the interview.
 Check background and references.
 Extend and negotiate the offer, coordinate start date.

Career Benefits
Working with UNIFORCE provides you with many career choices in the HR field. By meeting with our professional recruiters and consultants to assist you with your pursuit of a full-time opportunity, UNIFORCE can individually customize our direct hire search for you based on your career objectives and background. If you prefer to work for only a specific period of time, UNIFORCE can also employ you as a contract consultant to work at one of our client's locations. UNIFORCE specializes in human resources jobs with companies located in New Jersey (NJ), New York (NY), and Florida (FL).

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