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Third Party Payroll Solutions
Choose the personnel you want to work for you and avoid the process of placing them on your payroll. UNIFORCE will quickly and seamlessly become the Employer of Record for as many people as you choose for as long as you need them. UNIFORCE will fund and prepare the payroll as well as assume all mandatory tax and legal liabilities. Your company will immediately benefit from the the utilization of specialty skilled indviduals or project teams.
With UNIFORCE Third Party Payroll Solutions, your company will be able to:
Evaluate personnel on the job before hiring.
Utilize specialized skills for projects.
Staff without obligation for business peaks.
Recall experienced retirees.
Circumvent headcount mandates.
Staff entire departments indefinitely
Dissolve a costly in-house temp pool.
Maintain coverage during vacation periods.
Legalize misclassified 1099 Indpendent Contractors.
Manage a Worker internship program.
Utilize Part-Time Employees efficiently.
Third Party Payroll Solutions enable a company to staff as needed-when needed without adding employees to its payroll. A company can on board as many employees that it has sourced and put them on our payroll. Third Party Payroll Solutions also allow your company to bring back the skills of experienced former employees or retirees and utilize the services of consultants or special technicians.
A Cost Savings Solution
Since the employees you source and recruit are UNIFORCE employees, added to our payroll, your hidden payroll expenses and the high cost of employee benefits disappear. We also pay mandatory payroll taxes, workers' compensation, unemployment and mandatory disability insurance.
Third Party Payroll Solutions can be your perfect alternative to downsizing. You can continue to utilize the valuable skills of your employees while they remain on our payroll.
UNIFORCE does all your company's payrolling, record keeping, filing of insurance claims and government reporting-one or one hundred employees for days, weeks, months or longer.
UNIFORCE can prepare consolidated reporting and tracking to monitor third party payroll spend and reports can interface with your company's accounting system.
Our normal hourly service charge is substantially lower since you do the recruiting, interviewing and actual selection of employees.

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