Specialized Staffing Services Division - UNIFORCE Staffing Solutions

One of UNIFORCE Staffing Solutions' key objectives is to be flexible when staffing for its client's needs. Consequently, we always maintain an inventory of talented professionals in case our clients request such an individual. UNIFORCE also partakes in employer surveys to understand the key trends in staffing augmentation.

UNIFORCE specializes in the recruiting and placement of professionals with the following disciplines:

 Sales and Marketing
 Banking - Loan/Mortgage Processing
 Financial Analysis
 Public Relations
 Legal Office Support
 Inventory Control/Management

Value-Added Service
Our three-decade reputation in staffing is based on efficiently providing professionals with the highest levels of technical proficiency available.

Quality over Quantity.
Each candidate is carefully and thoroughly reference checked for skills and experience. They are technically qualified and evaluated in-person with a multi-step pre-screening procedure. Our procedure allows us to judge each consultant for expertise and ability to work as part of a team.

Career Benefits
Working with UNIFORCE provides you with many career choices. By meeting with our professional recruiters and consultants to assist you with your pursuit of a full-time opportunity, UNIFORCE can individually customize our direct hire search for you based on your career objectives and background. If you prefer to work for only a specific period time, UNIFORCE can also employ you as one of our consultants to work at one of our client's locations.
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