Temp-To-Hire Staffing - UNIFORCE Staffing Solutions
Through the UNIFORCE SMART HIRE PLAN, you can try the services of our pre-screened, reference-checked employees with absolutely no obligation. Companies can "try before they buy." Use our supplemental staffers on a pay-as-you-go basis to determine if they can be considered full time employees.

The SMART HIRE PLAN reduces the company's risk of:
EOE Termination Claims
Premature Benefit Costs
Worker's Compensation Claims
Rising Unemployment Insurance Experience Ratings
Just phone us with the requirements for your full time staffing needs, and we will send the company perfectly matched, qualified applicants. Our Working Interview lets you try each applicant of your choice before you make a further commitment.

Once you've chosen an applicant for the full trial period, we will put that employee on our payroll for a specific period of time, giving you the opportunity to observe the employee's performance within your corporate culture.

Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed.

Contact UNIFORCE for recruiting Temp-To-Hire employees in the following areas:

Human Resources
Information Technology
LabForce Scientific
Medical - Office Support
Medical - Clinical Support
Office Services
Specialized Services
…and many others.